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Go Deeper with the Deluxe Edition

Tons of extras!

The Finger of God 2 Deluxe Edition includes the original film, as well as nearly 6 hours of extra footage, interviews, teachings and insights.

The Download & Stream includes:

  • The film, Finger of God 2.
  • Locations, with nearly 3 hours of extra footage and stories from California, Ireland, Ghana, Germany, and even a bonus episode from Adventures With God!
  • Interviews, with nearly 3 hours dealing with topics like the Heart of God, Friendship With God, The Supernatural, Faith and Doubt, and much more

Featuring: Bill Johnson, Daniel Kolenda, Robby Dawkins, Chad Norris, Leif Hetland, Mike & Deena Vant Hul, Larry Randolph, Brian “Head” Welch, Randy Clark, Will Hart, Kris Vallotton, and more!