Finger of God 2

Finger of God 2


Directed by Will Hacker, Finger of God 2 comes 10 years after Darren Wilson’s original Finger of God, which was the first film of its kind and launched a new type of faith-based filmmaking. In this sequel, Will goes on his own journey around the world asking the question, what is the point of miracles? He films with the Taliban in the Middle East, drug addicts in California, gets smuggled into the underground church in China, films with a rock star in a bar in Northern Ireland, and faces down a Muslim king in Africa. More than simply seeing God move in powerful ways, Will discovers the very heart of a God who relentlessly pursues his children, and is worth giving up everything for.

What’s The Difference Between Regular & Deluxe Editions?

For all of our films, we have two versions: a regular and deluxe edition. The difference between the two is simple.

The Regular Edition is simply the movie and nothing else.

The Deluxe Edition is the movie, along with hours of extra footage, scenes, interviews, and adventures. This is where we put all the great stuff we filmed but simply didn’t fit with the story we were telling. We may interview someone for an hour, but you only see about 45 seconds of that in the film. Here, we can include all the wonderful insights they gave that you otherwise would never be able to see. Consider these the “complete” edition of the film.